Wedding Videography


our approach

Wedding videos should tell a story. No, not the story of the wedding day filled with vendors you don’t know, decorations that last one day & staged acts that aren’t in the norm for you (i.e. kissing on command or cutting a wedding cake). Our films aim to tell a story, your story as a couple. We capture the real you, surrounded by your loved ones, your promises to each other & of course incorporate the beautiful elements that embellish your wedding day.

You can’t truly be yourself when a stranger has a camera in your face and they don’t know the first thing about you. From the day we sit down for coffee (or beer) to the wedding day, we will work together to get to know each other and make sure your film is personal and representative of you.

Below is the basic information regarding our wedding videography. Additional questions and concerns to be discussed in our initial meeting.

Let’s make something truly MAGICAL!


Our Style 

We define our style as “intimate storytelling” We shoot with very tight lenses, allowing us to stand back & blend in, but give the effect that we are right there with you in the moment. It could also be described as documentary in the sense that we document the day as it happens with little to no directing. Our editing style is artistic, vintage & personable - using audio from the day to tell a story throughout the film. We don’t stop editing until we have goosebumps or tears or probably both.

If you’re looking for all of the raw footage or extended edits of your day, we are not the videographers for you. By choosing us, you are asking us to create a fully finished product & artistic edit of your wedding day. We have chosen this industry to create beautiful art, not to robotically document a day in its entirety.

If you like our style of film, but want full edits of the ceremony or speeches, please inquire for more information.

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